Liraz, a woman singing freedom

Liraz, a woman singing freedom

“The song is a symbol of the fight against those who want to suppress the women that we represent.”

Her parents left Iran a little before the Islamic revolution of 1979. Born in Israel, Liraz Charhi is known as an actress (she also plays in the series “Tehran” on Apple TV) but, it is mainly in the music she found her way.

Liraz built her music career singing in Hebrew, but now she sings in Farsi and inspires women in Iran and beyond to take back control of their lives.

“I was getting underground videos of women pulling out their chador and hijab and dancing, and it was an honor. And I was like, ok, something is really happening here. ”



In her songs, she sings about freedom, as in her title “Zan Bezan” which translates to “Women, dance.”

Having discovered her passion for music in old record stores, she was greatly influenced by the funk years preceding the Iranian revolution. Her music is inspired by the Iranian pop tradition of the 70s but with a modern twist: mixing it with rap and electronic rhythms. Her original style has earned her success.



She took a big risk by confronting the political and religious tensions between Iran and Israel, creating a wave of controversy.

But, Liraz isn’t an ordinary musician. She is a committed artist who advocates for cultural reconciliation.


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Photo #1: Liraz

Photo #2: Actress, singer and dancer Liraz Charhi in concert during the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Photo: Getty / Joseph Okpako / Redferns

Photo #3: Liraz. Photo: Dead Sea Recording