Pina Bausch, the woman who changed dance forever

Pina Bausch, the woman who changed dance forever

Pina Bausch was born in 1940 in Germany in the midst of the Second World War. 

Her harsh figure hid a strong personality and a mysterious woman.“With her aristocratic face, tender and cruel, mysterious and familiar, closed in an enigmatic immobility, Pina Bausch smiled at me, to make herself present. What a beautiful face. One of those faces destined to paralyze us, immense, disturbing, on a movie screen” said Federico Fellini about their first encounter.



Inspired by themes such as love, domination, loneliness, or the dynamics of a couple, her art merges classical choreography and a theatrical play of unmatched emotional density. Human relationships and violence punctuate her choreographies. She was the initiator of the dance-theatre, which broke with the traditional codes of classical dance. Her sets were voluntarily shimmering and charged to challenge the dancers  in order to reveal their potential.



She had the talent of captivating the public, and nobody was insensitive to her tremendous charisma. She was both feared and admired by her dancers.

Pina Bausch brought a fresh and innovative approach to choreography and revolutionized modern dance. 

Photos credits: 

Photo 1: Portrait of Pina Bausch by Walter Vogel

Photo 2: Photo from the movie ”Pina” de Wim Wenders (13th of February 2011, Berlin) Credits : Donata Wenders AFP

Photo 3: Marie-Agnès Gillot in Orpheus and Eurydice by Pina Bausch. Credits: James BORT

Photo 4: Pina Bausch in 1984 photographed by Virginia Schmidt