We believe jewelry is empowering.

We believe jewelry is empowering.

Our mission is to empower women to express their unique personality and reach their true potential.

Our Vision

Jewelry isn't just an adornment; it's a way of expressing an idea and a unique point of view. It is wearable art.

We believe that each piece of jewelry is an intimate connection between two stories: the story of the woman who wears it and the artist who crafted it.

In a world paced by fast-fashion and dominated by soul-less mass-produced jewelry, we aim to re-connect those two stories.

Being ourselves passionate about unique creations, we know how difficult it is to find that rare piece that moves you and truly represents you.

Therefore we went to discover and partner with the most avant-garde independent designers and artisans across Europe to bring unique contemporary jewelry to your fingertips.

All jewelry is crafted on-demand, using centuries-old craftsmanship or by mixing tradition with the latest technologies to create limited series.

Our team carefully selects each piece for its artistic value, originality, craftsmanship, and the creator's coherence with our values. We value environment-friendly practices and we make sure the jewelry is produced locally and ethically. 

Our Muse: You

Our source of inspiration is you: the confident woman that makes her own path.

The Inamaya woman challenges the status quo and is not afraid of showing it.

Loving to go beyond her limits, she aims to become the best version of herself and make a difference in the world.

She challenges the definition of femininity by simply being herself.

« A woman has more strength than she realizes. I created Inamaya to remind women of their power. By giving them access to unique jewelry creations, we wish to provide them with a meaningful, intimate, and always evolving way of expressing themselves. »

Irina N.

Our Values & Commitment

Revealing and supporting the most daring jewelry artisans and designers.

Crafted ethically.

We continuously strive to implement eco-friendly practices.

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Our Values & Commitment

Our Values & Commitment
Revealing and supporting the most daring jewelry artisans and designers

Crafted ethically

We continuously strive to implement eco-friendly practices